How to Repaint the Interior of a RV

by Kelli Nottingham

One of the fastest and least expensive ways to dramatically make over the interior of your RV is with paint. While painting the inside of your RV takes some patience and time, the results are well worth it. Since RVs have many pieces of furniture and décor items, such as window valances, attached to the walls, proper preparation is critical to the success of your project.

Apply painter's tape to the edges of your walls and around the ceiling, floors, windows, and all furniture that touches the walls. This includes any fabric items, such as window valances. Additionally, you may want to cover the floor and furniture with drop cloths to protect them.

Paint the wall edges and corners, using the brush and filling in the paint at least two inches away from the wall edge.

Roll paint onto the center parts of the walls with the roller, covering the wall completely and overlapping the edge paint.

Apply a second coat if necessary.

Remove tape slowly once paint has dried, being careful not to pull away the paint with the tape.


  • check Using plenty of painter's tape makes it a lot easier to paint around the RV's interior items.


  • close You may want to test the painter's tape on the wall paneling to ensure the tape will not remove the veneer.
  • close Paint with primer included helps to cover the color and texture of the wallpaper that comes in most RVs.
  • close Vinyl paint is not recommended as it tends to scratch easily.

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