Removing Fog From Car Windows

by Marina Hanes

As the weather changes from summer to fall and from fall to winter, it's common to experience fog. When the air outside a car is cooler or warmer than the air inside, it causes moisture to build up and produce fog on the windows. During cold winter temperatures, all it takes is a few people laughing in the back seat to make fog on the windows. Here are some suggestions for removing it.

Create a solution that you can spray on your car to prevent fog. Use one part vinegar and three parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your car's windows (inside and out) to help prevent the buildup of ice during the winter. When ice builds up and the car is warm, it can cause fog.

Turn on your air conditioning instead of the heater. The heater simply disperses the water vapor from the fog, but the colder air dries it and prevents it from becoming worse.

Wipe the inside of your windows with a cotton towel to get rid of the fog if your air conditioner doesn't work. This is a quick and temporary fix. It's not the best solution, because the windows become streaked, making it potentially difficult to see the road.

Fill up your antifreeze regularly so you have something to spray onto your windows when the fog reduces your visibility. Also use your defrost button (if you have one) so any remaining ice melts off of the glass.

Service your car and have the mechanic check the heater core. When the heater core breaks, it doesn't dump water, which can cause water vapor to build up and produce fog. If you are experiencing fog more than usual, this could be the reason.


  • check Let your car sit for a few minutes with the air conditioning on so you can see through your windows.


  • close Do not drive while there is fog on your windowsl it reduces your visibility and increases your chances of getting in an accident.

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