Removing Catalytic Converters

by Justin Obrien

Getting Under Your Vehicle

The catalytic converter on your vehicle is in a very tight area under your car. If you pay a mechanic to hydraulically lift your vehicle into the air, you might as well pay them to remove the catalytic converter. So simply raise the car yourself by driving your vehicle up on car ramps.

Removing Protective Catalytic Converter Covers

Lay on your back or on a low cart and slide under the vehicle directly behind the front wheels. The catalytic converter is located in the center, under your car. The catalytic converter connects to the exhaust pipe exiting the engine. The catalytic converter is usually protected by several or a single formed piece of sheet metal bolted to the frame of the vehicle. Unscrew the bolts attaching the these catalytic converter shrouds to your car frame.

Removing the Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is connected in between the exhaust pipe exiting the engine and the exhaust pipe leading to the muffler. Unscrew the three bolts from each end of the catalytic converter. Pull the catalytic converter down and out. Peel the gasket seals off each end of exhaust pipe.

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