How to Remove Windshield Wiper Arms

by Jody L. Campbell

Although the procedure may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, most all windshield wiper arms are seated onto a splined stud that is manipulated by the wiper motor. Removing them from the spline can be done with a couple of common household tools.

Locate the base (the bottom of the arm where it attaches to the motor) of the windshield wiper arm and determine if you need to open the hood to remove the arm or not. If so, open the hood.

Determine whether the windshield washer nozzle(s) to the vehicle comes attached to the wiper arm. If so, this usually clips on, can be clipped off and the hose for the washer fluid un-clipped as well, from the arm. If the washer nozzle is not attached to the wiper arm, skip this step.

Locate the windshield wiper stud nut on the base of the windshield wiper arm. Different vehicles will have different ways of protecting this nut from the elements. In any application, remove the cap or cover by prying it off or upward using the screwdriver or pry bar.

Size the nut up with a socket and remove it with the ratchet turning it counterclockwise.

Pry the base of the wipe arm off of the splined stud. Be careful as there is a slight tension spring in the arm to make it apply pressure to the windshield when operating. To replace the arm, reverse the procedure, but make sure the replacement arm is placed back onto the spline in the same position the arm was taken off to preserve the alignment of the arm.

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