How to Remove the PCV Valve on the 2000 Lincoln LS

by Johnathan Cronk
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The 2000 LS was a midsize luxury sport sedan designed and manufactured by the Ford Motor Company under the Lincoln brand. The LS was considered an entry-level luxury car. The LS is like most conventional internal-combustion engines of the modern era. It has a PCV valve, or a positive crankcase ventilation valve, that removes gases from the engine crankcase to ensure that gas pressure does not build up in the crankcase. Excessive pressure buildup, or blow-by, could cause the engine to fail or components to become damaged. It's important to replace a faulty PCV valve immediately. Accessing the PCV valve in the 2000 LS is a bit tricky, but you can get it out with just a couple of tools.

Step 1

Place the Lincoln LS's transmission in "Park." Turn off the car and allow the vehicle to cool for at least 20 minutes. This will ensure that all components under the hood have had a chance to cool properly and will not burn you.

Step 2

Open the hood of the LS and locate the lower intake manifold. The PCV valve is located directly under the intake manifold. It is a small valve seated in a rubber grommet.

Step 3

Remove the intake manifold: Loosen and remove each bolt securing the intake manifold in place, using a socket wrench. Place the bolts on the ground or on a table in the exact location you took them off so you can replace them properly. Pull the intake manifold off the vehicle to access the valve.

Step 4

Remove the PCV valve using a pair of needle-nose pliers; the valve will come out of the rubber grommet easily with a small amount of force. Disconnect the hose from the valve by pulling it out of place. Place the hose to the side to ensure it does not get damaged or lost among other components. Discard the old valve.

Step 5

Install a replacement PCV valve by pushing it into the rubber grommet until you hear it click into place. Plug the hose into the valve until the hose is secure. The valve is now installed.

Step 6

Place the intake manifold back into place on the LS. Replace each bolt in the same position they were found. Tighten and secure the bolts using the socket wrench. Once all of the bolts are secured, close the hood of the LS.

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