How to Remove Turn Signals for a Yamaha Roadliner

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Yamaha Roadliner, part of Yamaha's Star division, has easy-to-access turn signal lamps mounted on the sides of the front headlamp and the rear taillamp. You may wish to remove the turn signals to install a new bulb; if so, see the Tips section for the proper replacement bulb specifications. You may also wish to remove the turn signals to perform other modifications; either way, you can do so in less than five minutes.


Lower the sidestand to support the Roadliner. Remove the Phillips screw from the button of the turn signal lens.


Grasp the lens and turn it counter-clockwise to remove it from the Roadliner. Remove the turn signal bulb from the lens by pushing the bulb in, and then twisting it counter-clockwise.


Pull the turn signal bulb straight away from the lens.


Repeat the procedure for each turn signal you wish to remove; the procedure is the same for all four.


  • check If you wish to replace the turn signal bulbs, make sure the bulb meets these specifications:
  • check Front: 12V 23W
  • check Rear: 12V 21W


  • close When replacing the turn signals, be very careful not to over tighten the screw. This can damage the lens, according to the Roadliner's owner's manual.

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