How to Remove a Turn Signal Flasher

by Allen Moore

Turn signal flashers are small, metal canisters containing an interrupt and clicker for the turn signal circuit. When you activate your turn signals, the signal goes through the flasher, which cuts the power on and off, making the turn signals blink. This also opens and closes the clicker, which makes the audible noise you hear when you have your signals on. The flashers are very inexpensive, and as such, last about twice as long as the turn signal bulbs. Replacing the flasher is relatively easy for anyone with mechanical aptitude and some flexibility.


Locate the turn signal flasher under the driver’s side of the dashboard. This may require the use of a flashlight, depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. The flasher is normally inside the fuse panel or located relatively close to the steering column.


Grip the flasher firmly with one hand.


Remove the flasher from the socket by pulling it straight out.


  • check Installation of a flasher is the reverse of removal. Vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company do not have a canister flasher, as the multifunction switch performs the flasher job instead.

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