How to Remove a Tundra Blinker

by Tara Kimball

The turn signal bulbs in your Toyota Tundra are designed to alert other drivers on the road when you are turning or moving into another lane of traffic. When the turn signal bulbs burn out in your Tundra, you risk an accident as a result of other drivers being unable to identify when you are turning. You can replace the bulbs in the Tundra’s turn signals at home in minutes. The turn signals in your Tundra require a 3157 bulb available at most auto parts retailers.

Front Turn Signal

Step 1

Open the hood of your Tundra. Locate the retaining screw just above the light assembly. Remove the screw with a Phillips screwdriver, turning counterclockwise.

Step 2

Pull the turn signal light assembly forward out of the truck. Grasp the bulb socket and pull it straight back out of the assembly. Pull the bulb out of the socket.

Step 3

Push the new bulb into place until it clicks. Insert the bulb socket into the turn signal light assembly until it is secure. Replace the light assembly.

Step 4

Insert the retaining screw and push it straight down, applying pressure in the center of the screw. Repeat the process on the opposite side if needed. Close the hood and test the lights.

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