How to Remove Truck Lettering

by Kay Ireland

If you've bought a truck secondhand, have a business that uses a truck, or just have a truck for your personal use, you may at some point have vinyl lettering on the vehicle. Commercial trucks especially have lettering on them. You may want to remove that lettering, but don't know how, and it can be a sticky mess. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make the removal of the lettering easier.

Apply heat from the heat gun or blow dryer directly to the lettering. Work in a small area of one or two letters at a time, to keep the lettering sufficiently warmed.

Peel the lettering off using your fingers or a plastic spatula. They should come away easily. If the letters do not come away easily, then apply more heat until they do.

Remove all the letters. You will notice that there is still adhesive left behind in most cases.

Apply some kerosene to a clean rag, and rub it on the adhesive that is left on the truck. It should only take a few rubs for the adhesive to begin to come off.

Wash the truck thoroughly with clean water.

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