How to Remove the Transmission on a 2001 Honda Civic

by Renee Booker

The transmission in a 2001 Honda Civic is known as an automatic transaxle, and it serves as the sole link between the engine and drive train. The transaxle is located below the engine and is connected to both drive axles, making the removal process extremely difficult and time consuming. Only someone with extensive automotive experience should attempt the procedure. The removal process should take between six and eight hours, depending on complications.

Step 1

Disconnect both battery cables and remove the battery from the engine bay. Shift the transmission into neutral.

Step 2

Remove or disconnect the following: air intake hose, air cleaner housing, resonator assembly, battery base and base stay, throttle cable from the throttle control lever, transaxle ground cable, speed sensor connectors, solenoid valve connectors, lock-up control solenoid valve and shift control solenoid valve connectors, transaxle cooler hoses, starter cables and starter, countershaft speed sensor (CSS) and vehicle speed sensor (VSS) connectors.

Step 3

Support the engine using an engine hoist. Remove the four upper bolts attaching the transaxle to the engine block. Remove the three bolts attaching the front engine mount bracket to the engine. Remove the transaxle mount.

Step 4

Raise the front of the vehicle using a floor jack and jack stands. Remove the front wheels. Drain the transaxle fluid and reinstall the drain plug with a new washer.

Step 5

Remove the following: splash shield, subframe center beam, cotter pins and lower control arm ball joint nuts. Separate the ball joints from the lower arms using a separator fork. Remove the right damper pinch bolt, then separate the damper fork and damper. Remove the right radius rod.

Step 6

Remove the right and left half shafts from the differential. Remove the following: intermediate shaft, shift control cable, shift cable lever and eight drive plate bolts.

Step 7

Support the transaxle using a floor jack and remove the following: intake manifold bracket, transaxle housing mounting bolts, mounting bolts from the rear engine mount bracket, four transaxle housing mounting bolts and three mount bracket nuts. Pull the transaxle away from the engine until it clears the 14-mm dowel pins, then lower it using the jack.

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