How to Remove the Track on a Yamaha Snowmobile

by Jason Alexander
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Whether you've got a broken track clip or faulty slide rails, removing the track on your Yamaha snowmobile can be a painless process if the proper measures are taken. If your track has peeling edges or the reinforcement rods are fractured, then it's probably time to replace your Yamaha snowmobile track. Also, if your track is stretched or the exterior lugs are worn, you may wish to remove the track.

Step 1

Place a jack stand under the rear bumper. Make sure the track and skid frame are resting on the ground. Use a wrench to remove the rear suspension bolts.

Step 2

Remove the drain plug from the chain case to drain the oil into a plastic bucket.

Step 3

Remove the screws holding the gears on and remove the gears. Unscrew the nuts holding the bearing cup, remove the bearing cup and remove the O-ring.

Step 4

Unscrew the nuts holding the speed sensor, which is located on the same side as your clutch. Remove the speed sensor.

Step 5

Lay the snowmobile on its side using a thick blanket to cushion it. Wiggle the drive shaft beneath the snowmobile to remove it through the chain case. Tap the drive shaft gently off to the side and remove it.

Remove the track by pulling it out from the rear of the snowmobile.

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