How to Change Oil on a Kawasaki KZ750

by Chris Gilliland

First offered as part of Kawasaki's 1976 motorcycle line-up, the KZ750 featured a bulletproof 746cc parallel twin cylinder motor to compete against the popular British models, such as Triumph. Praised for its simplicity and ease of maintenance, the big KZ has slowly become a collector's piece. Living with a KZ750 is refreshingly drama-free, requiring very little maintenance save for an occasional oil change. However, the steps required to change the engine oil are a bit more complex as the bike was produced before the invention of the "spin-on" oil filter.

Step 1

Start the motor and let it run for a period of five to 10 minutes to warm the oil. Stop the motor and turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position. Park the motorcycle on a smooth, level surface and place it onto its centerstand.

Step 2

Locate the drain plug on the under-side of the motor and place a catch basin or container directly under it. Remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely then replace the plug in the motor.

Step 3

Remove the acorn nuts that secure the left rider's foot peg bracket to the frame. Slide the foot peg bracket off of the frame studs and set it aside. Loosen the retaining bolt on the shift lever then pull the lever completely off of the shift shaft. Remove the three hex head bolts from the front sprocket cover then pull the cover free from the motor. The oil filter housing will now be accessible.

Step 4

Locate the oil filter drain plug: it is a hex head bolt on the bottom portion of the oil filter cover. Hold a catch basin or container below the oil filter drain plug and remove the plug. Allow the oil to drain completely and replace the plug.

Step 5

Remove the oil filter cover bolt and pull the oil filter cover off of the motor. Pull the oil filter out of the motor and remove the retention spring from the outer edge of the filter. Discard the old filter.

Step 6

Install the new oil filter and place the retention spring between the filter and the filter cover. Tighten the mounting bolt completely.

Step 7

Reinstall the front sprocket cover, shift lever and foot peg bracket.

Step 8

Remove the oil filler cap from the right side of the motor and slowly pour in 3.6 liters (.9 gallons) of SAE 10W40 or 20W50 engine oil into the filler neck using a funnel. Replace the filler cap and wipe away any oil that may have spilled.

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