How to Remove a Tire From the Rim With Hand Tools

by Alibaster Smith

All tires wear out over time. The tread life of the tire depends entirely on the compound it's made of. When the tread wears down to the wear mark indicators on the tire, it's time to change the tire. Normally, you would have to take your vehicle to a tire shop and have them remove the tire. A special machine does the "grunt work" of pulling the tire away from the rim. However, it can be done at home. To do this (and if you don't want to hire a professional to do this), you need to know how to remove a tire from the rim with hand tools. The task is quite a difficult one overall, but the devoted DIYer can get it done with enough effort and concentration.

Step 1

Lay the tire down on the ground with the outer rim side facing up and remove the valve stem cap.

Step 2

Push the tip of the valve stem removal tool into the valve stem and turn counter-clockwise. The valve stem will twist off and air will leak out through the open valve stem.

Step 3

Wedge a large flat tip screwdriver between the rim and the tire to break the seal on the wheel.

Step 4

Have an assistant stand on the wheel while you wedge a pry bar between the tire and the wheel's rim. Use the wheel's rim as leverage and pry the tire out of position over the top of the rim. This will be difficult to do. You may need to place some hard grease liberally over surface of the rim of the wheel while prying the tire out of place. Make your way around the outside of the rim until you have removed this side of the tire from the rim.

Step 5

Flip the wheel over and wedge the pry bar between the tire and the rim of the wheel and continue to pry the tire off the wheel. Continue to pry the wheel off in the same direction as you were prying in step 4. The tire will come off over the top of the outer rim side (the side of the rim that normally faces out, away from the vehicle, when the wheel is on).

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