How to Remove a Starter From a 1996 Ford Marquis

by Marion Cobretti

You can remove the starter on the Ford Marquis at home in 25 minutes or less. The starter is responsible for turning the engine's ring gear connected to the flywheel to set the engine in motion. Symptoms of a bad starter can include the engine not starting at all or a loud, repeated clicking or winding sound. On the 1996 Marquis, the starter is located on the passenger side underneath the car where the engine and transmission come together.


Step 1

Open the hood on the Marquis and disconnect the negative battery cable from its post with a socket wrench. Wrap the entire metal terminal end of the cable with electrical tape. As you lay the cable down within the engine area, be sure it's not in direct contact with any other metal or the engine itself.

Step 2

Raise the car at its jacking point on the front passenger side with a car jack. Slide a jack stand into position just right of the car jack. Raise the support arm on the jack stand to the height of the car jack. Return the locking pin to the support arm on the jack stand to secure its height. Slightly rock the car back and forth to assure that it's sturdy before sliding underneath it.

Step 3

Remove the small plastic cover on the starter's power wires to access the retaining nuts underneath it. The cover should come off by hand. If you have any trouble removing it, use a flat-head screwdriver to assist you.

Step 4

Label each of the starter's wires clearly with white painter's tape before removing them. Use a socket wrench to loosen both of the nuts holding the power wires in place, then remove the nuts and wires by hand. On the 4.6-liter engine, the starter has a third wire that's a push-on connection. Remove the wire by gently pulling it off its connection.

Step 5

Remove the top retaining bolt on the starter. It will require the use of a flexible socket extension bar because of the cramped space. Support the starter with one hand and remove the bottom retaining bolt. If you have a different engine other than the 4.9 liter, the starter may have a third retaining bolt. After removing the starter's retaining bolts, slowly lower the starter from its position on the engine. Install the starter by simply reversing this procedure exactly.

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