How to Remove Water Spots from Clear Coat Paint

by Greyson Ferguson

Your car has a thin, clear protective coat over the paint to help prevent rust and other damage. However, after you wash your car or even during a rain storm, water may find a way to work underneath the clean coat. This water needs to be removed as soon as possible, otherwise it may damage the clear coat or even begin to form rust.

Combine distilled white vinegar with equal parts water in a spray bottle and shake to mix thoroughly.

Park your car in the shade and dry it off with a rag. You want the car to be relatively cool as well (cool enough for you to touch it without burning yourself).

Spray your car where the water spot has formed. Allow the mixture to sit for a moment, then wipe it away with a clean rag.

Apply a small amount of wax on a clean rag and rub the wax over the spot you just cleaned. The vinegar tends to dilute the wax surface, so applying a new thin coat over the area should fix any cosmetic issues.

Apply the vinegar solution to any other water spots on the car and add the liquid wax once you have completed the spot removal.

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