How to Remove an RV Holding Tank

by Greg Blasso

An RV holding tank stores all of the waste water produced from the plumbing in the RV. Any time you run the sink, flush the toilet or take a shower, the water runs down the drain and into the holding tank. Over time the holding tank may need to be cleaned or repaired, in which case it must be removed.

Drain the holding tank of all contents into a designated dump station.

Turn off the water pump in the RV.

Locate the water connection behind the toilet. Remove the connection by hand. Turn it counterclockwise until it can be pulled off the toilet.

Unbolt the toilet. Use a socket wrench to remove the nuts and bolts holding the toilet in place. Save these in a safe place to reattach the toilet later. Move the toilet out of position.

Unbolt the floor flange from the top of the holding tank using a socket wrench. Use a jack to support the weight of the holding tank when you unbolt the floor flange.

Unstrap the holding tank from the bottom of the RV. The straps can be loosened by hand or you can also unhook them, depending on the type of tank.

Drop down the holding tank slowly and cut the tank line with a knife once it's exposed. This is the line that runs through the top of the tank.

Lower the jack slowly until the holding tank hits the ground.

Drag the holding tank out from under the RV.

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