How to Remove the Roof Racks on a Toyota RAV4

by John Smith
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The Toyota model RAV4 comes with a roof rack for carrying extra luggage. You can use the cross bars that come with your RAV4 or even use aftermarket add-ons. Not everyone wants to keep the roof rack attached, especially if you won't be carrying additional weight on the roof. To take off the rack, remove the plastic caps and access the bolts hidden underneath.

Step 1

Locate the four plastic caps of the roof rack bars. There are two bars and each one has two ends, making four total plastic caps. Remove the caps by inserting a thin, flat-head screwdriver into the base edges of each rack end, where you see separation between the cap and the rubber seal base. Slide the screwdriver all the way around the cap and gently pry the cap up to loosen it.

Step 2

Use a 12 mm socket wrench to remove the two bolts exposed after the cap has been removed. Repeat this process for all four caps, resulting in a total of eight removed bolts.

Step 3

Pull the roof rack bars from the RAV4 roof and set aside. At this point you have the option of replacing the roof rack with an aftermarket option.

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