How to Remove Reflex Wiper Blades

by Alibaster Smith

Reflex wiper blades are special wiper blades that do not use a traditional wiper hinge. Instead, the blade uses a semi-rigid design that conforms to the windshield to prevent streaking and chatter. The reflex wiper blades use a U-shaped locking mechanism to secure the blade to the wiper arm. When these wipers wear out--roughly every six months--you'll need to remove them to replace them.

Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield until the wiper arm hinge locks in a vertical position.

Press the release tab down where the wiper arm connects to the wiper. Since there is no hinge on the wiper, it might be tough to do this with your fingers. You may need to press on the release tab with a small screwdriver.

Separate the wiper from the wiper arm by pushing down on the wiper arm. This will unhook the wiper blade from the arm.


  • check For specific information about the locking mechanism on your vehicle's windshield wiper arm, consult the particular vehicle's manual (see Resources).

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