How to Remove the Radiator on a 1998 Mercury Sable

by Chris Moore

The radiator on the 1998 Sable, like any car, is essential to the engine's cooling system. You may need to remove the radiator to completely replace it or to access and remove/replace other components. The radiator is mounted at the front end of the engine compartment, and you will need to work from underneath the car in order to remove it on this model. Use extreme caution and make sure the Sable is properly supported at all times.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery, loosening the cable clamp and removing the negative (black) cable and then the positive (red) one. Remove the battery and then unbolt/remove the battery tray with your wrench.

Step 2

Draw a line around the hood latch with a marker to mark its position and then unbolt and remove the latch.

Step 3

Raise the car's front end and support it on jack stands. Place a container under the radiator at the drain fitting, remove the fitting and drain the coolant into the container.

Step 4

Unbolt and remove the inner fender liners in the wheel wells with your wrench. Remove all the fasteners for the front bumper cover with your wrench/screwdriver/pliers and remove the bumper.

Step 5

Unbolt and remove the radiator splash shield below the radiator, then remove the bulkhead at the very front end of the engine compartment; the latter has 13 bolts and 2 clips.

Step 6

Remove the upper and lower radiator hoses -- loosening their clamps with pliers -- and the transmission cooler lines; they will require a special tool from an auto parts store.

Step 7

Remove the power steering cooler with your wrench, then disconnect the transmission cooler bracket and move the cooler aside.

Step 8

Remove the two bolts connecting the radiator to the condenser, then remove the two lower radiator screws with your screwdriver. Lower and remove the radiator from the car from underneath.

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