How to Remove a Quick Disconnect Fuel Filter

by Gregory Crews

The fuel filter is the last step in the protection of the fuel system before it reaches the motor. The first step is a strainer that is in the fuel tank. In the event any debris gets past the strainer, the filter will remove it. The fuel filter is located along the fuel line and the fuel lines are held on by quick disconnect fittings. The fittings are simple to unhook and pull the line off the filter.


Unscrew the fuel cap from the fuel filler door. This will relieve the pressure from the fuel line.


Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. This will isolate any electrical power going to the fuel pump.


Locate the fuel tank and trace the fuel line that comes off the top of the fuel tank. The fuel filter is located along the path of the fuel line.


Separate the tabs on the inlet line to pull the fuel line off the filter. The quick disconnect has two tabs at the end of the fuel line that grip the filter. Once the tabs are separated the line will slide off.


Separate the tabs on the outlet end of the fuel filter. Pull the line off the filter piping. The outlet is the line going out toward the motor.


Unbolt the mounting bracket with a socket wrench. The bracket will loosen up enough to let go of the filter. The filter will slide out from the bracket.


  • check The fuel filter is generally located along the driver's side of the vehicle.


  • close Use caution when working around gasoline as it is extremely flammable.

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