How to Remove the Radiator Drain Plug in a 2001 Dodge Ram

by Kevin Mclain
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The radiator drain plug on the 2001 Dodge Ram keeps the coolant inside the radiator. The drain plug also allows the radiator to be serviced by draining the coolant. Engine coolant is designed to last only so many miles or so many years before it will have to be changed. Dodge recommends performing the initial coolant change on the 2001 Dodge Ram at 52,000 miles and every 30,000 miles after that. Always make sure that the drain plug is properly tightened to prevent coolant from leaking out of the radiator and causing the engine to overheat.

Step 1

Park the 2001 Dodge Ram in a safe location. Turn the motor off and apply the parking brake. Open the hood and prop it in place. Allow the motor to completely cool off before attempting any work on or near the radiator.

Step 2

Check the temperature of the radiator cap once the engine has completely cooled off by tapping the top of the cap with your hand. If the cap is cooled off, slowly unscrew the cap from the radiator and place the cap in a safe area.

Step 3

Slide under the front of the Dodge Ram and locate the radiator drain plug. The drain plug on the 2001 Ram models is located on the bottom inside corner of the driver side of the radiator. Slide a drip pan under the drain plug.

Step 4

Gently touch the bottom of the radiator to make sure that it is cooled off. Loosen the drain plug by turning it counterclockwise with a metric socket and a breaker bar. Once the drain plug is loose, remove the breaker bar and socket. Allow the coolant to drain out of the radiator. Finish unscrewing the drain plug with your fingers while pulling outward on the plug. Once the plug has reached the last thread, continue to pull outward on the plug until it releases from the radiator.

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