How to Remove Paint From a Car Door Ding

by Editorial Team

It's happened to all of us. You leave your car, your baby, unattended for a small amount of time in a strange parking lot (someplace so mundane as the grocery store), and you come back to find a ding. There it is, evidence that someone has carelessly swung their car door into the side of your car, and, to add insult to injury, there is often a little smear of paint surrounding the ding. This paint is from the offending car, and is almost always in a color that contrasts enough so that it practically screams "notice me!" The ding can wait, but that paint smear has got to go, so what to do?

Step 1

The easiest method is to rub the affected area with a clay bar. Clay bars are available at most automotive stores and are an auto detailer's best friend, allowing you to lightly abrade away most surface imperfections without harming your paint job.

Step 2

Another method is to take a small amount of paint thinner (not to worry, this will not affect your clear coat), and apply to the affected area. This should loosen the paint and allow you to wipe it off with a towel. It's best to apply the paint thinner with cotton swabs as you only want to target the paint from the other vehicle.

Step 3

Before employing either of these methods, it is important to first wash your car and remove any loose dirt from the area. Regardless of which method that you use, wash the car again afterward and apply a coat of protective wax.

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