How to Remove Corrosion From Chrome Wheels

by Jeremiah Blanchard
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We all love to show off our bikes and automobiles, especially with a high-gloss paint job and shiny chrome rims or body work. Chrome is used not only for its mirror-like finish, but also for its extreme resistance to corrosion and rust. Though chrome is tough, it sometimes becomes rusted or corroded. Removing corrosion from chrome wheels can be accomplished following a few guidelines.

Step 1

Clean the tires and rims with regular soap and water. Be sure to remove any brake dust, mud or other debris. This is just an initial cleaning to remove surface dirt from the chrome.

Step 2

Dry the rims thoroughly. Take this time to notice any abrasions or scratching on the chrome. The scratching is where corrosion and rust will begin if left untreated. Notice any rust that is not removable with a rag or scrub brush.

Step 3

Use a small wire brush to remove large rust deposits. Be careful to only scrub the rust. Scratching the chrome will cause it to rust and make your problem bigger.

Step 4

Use a chrome polish and corrosion remover such as NeverDull to remove any other spots of corrosion. Apply according to the instructions, then rub it off with a damp cloth.

Step 5

Apply a spray-on or hard wax and allow it to dry. This will increase protection against rust and corrosion.

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