How to Remove the Outside Mirror on a Cadillac DTS

by Zyon Silket

The outside mirrors on your Cadillac DTS help you see blind spots beside your vehicle. The mirrors attach to a motor located inside of a large plastic housing painted to match the color of the Cadillac. If you want to remove the outside mirror, you must locate the access panel for the mounting nuts inside the door. Once you locate the panel, you are just a few minutes away from removing the outside mirror.

Open the door of the DTS and roll down the window. This will give you access to the panel and the mirror housing.

Locate the access panel on the inside of the door. This is opposite of where the mirror housing bolts to the outside of the door and is triangular in shape. Remove the access panel from the DTS by pulling on it. This will expose the wiring harness for the mirror and the mounting nuts.

Look for the wires that extend from inside the mirror housing and trace them to where they connect to the electrical system. The connection is behind the access panel. Disconnect the wires from the electrical system by pulling the harnesses apart.

Remove the three nuts that secure the mirror to the door. Hold the door as you remove the final bolt.

Pull the mirror out of the door.

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