How to Remove an Oil Plug on a Polaris Rzr

by Russell Wood

The Polaris RZR is an off-road vehicle designed for carrying 2-4 people over dirt or sand. Like any vehicle, the Polaris RZR requires regular maintenance, including changing the oil filter. Because of the off-road nature of the Polaris RZR, the vehicle's design protects the oil pan but makes finding the oil pan bolt particularly difficult. That said, because of its high stance, a jack is not necessary for this job. Once you find the plug, removing it can be done in under five minutes.


Stick your head underneath the RZR and locate the metal skid plate at the bottom of the vehicle, which should have enough clearance without needing a jack. Look for the hole in the middle of the skid plate.


Shine the flashlight up the metal hole and look for a hex bolt about 2 inches above the skid plate. If it's not there, you haven't found the correct drain hole. Set the drain pan underneath the hole.


Stick the 6 mm hex wrench up into the hole and into the hex bolt. Turn the bolt counterclockwise to remove it from the oil pan. Pull out the bolt and allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. The oil should flow straight out of the hole.

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