How to Remove an Oil Pan From a 2001 F150

by Chris Moore
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Removing the oil pan on a 2001 model F150 truck (or one generally older than 2004) is not as easy a task as with some other models. The exact type of engine the truck has can alter the removal process slightly, as there are different parts you must remove in order to completely access the pan. You should always talk with your mechanic first.

Step 1

Drain the engine oil into a drain pan by removing the drain plug on the oil pan with a wrench.

Step 2

Disconnect and remove the oil dipstick.

Step 3

Remove the air cleaner assembly and the cooling fan assembly and shroud, if your truck has a V8 engine.

Step 4

Raise the truck with its jack and support it on jack stands. Place a wood block on the jack and raise it under the oil pan to take the weight off the engine mounts.

Step 5

Remove the engine's mount-through bolts with a wrench; do not remove the bolts attaching the mounts to the engine block.

Step 6

Remove the front axle assembly on a V8 engine, or the front differential on a V6. This is only needed on four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Step 7

Raise the engine by a couple of inches using an overhead support fixture; connect the support fixture to the lifting eyes on top of the engine to lift it.

Step 8

Remove the bolts connecting the oil pan to the transmission and the engine and remove the pan. You may need to break the pan's seal with a putty knife, but don't pry between the pan and the engine block.

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