How to Remove a Wiper Motor Assembly From a Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Alibaster Smith

The wiper motor assembly on your Mitsubishi Eclipse powers the wiper arm and blade assembly. Wiper motors on the Eclipse tend to have a long service life, but it is unknown exactly how long they will last due to the fact that motor burn-out is dependent entirely on how often the windshield wipers are used. When your motor dies, replacement motors can be purchased from any auto parts store. Since the part numbers vary, you'll need the year and model of your eclipse handy so that you get the right motor. One you have the right motor, the first step is to remove the old one.

Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. Loosen the retaining nut on the negative battery cable clamp. Slide the cable off the negative battery terminal.

Pull the wiper arm assembly away from the windshield so that the wiper arm sits perpendicular to the windshield.

Remove the retaining nuts that hold the wiper arm assembly to the cowl.

Pry up on the trim covers on the cowl with a flat tip screwdriver. Then, remove the 4 screws that hold the cowl assembly in place.

Pull the cowl trim off the base of the windshield.

Remove the wiper motor bolts that attach the motor to the firewall.

Pull the wiper motor up and disconnect the linkage that connects the lower wiper arm assembly to the motor.

Remove the electrical connector running to the wiper motor by pushing down on the release tab and pulling the connector off the motor.

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