How to Remove a Mercury Flywheel

by Cameron Easey
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The flywheel on an outboard will need to be removed when repairs are needed such as the motor not starting properly. In order to access the crankshaft of the motor the flywheel will need to be removed from the engine. You can remove the flywheel from a mercury outboard motor by keeping the flywheel stationary and using a special tool called a flywheel puller.

Step 1

Unlatch the clips that are used to secure the cover and take the cover off the motor.

Step 2

Locate the flywheel cover in the motor and remove it to expose the flywheel.

Step 3

Insert two bolts into the threaded holes on top of the flywheel. Insert a pry bar in between the bolts so you can prevent the flywheel from turning.

Step 4

Loosen the flywheel nut by using an impact wrench. Once the nut is loose remove the impact wrench and turn the flywheel nut by hand to remove it.

Step 5

Thread the flywheel puller onto the flywheel and tighten it with an adjustable wrench.

Step 6

Insert a socket wrench into the bolt on the flywheel puller. Turn the socket wrench to the right until the flywheel comes off the crankshaft.

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