How to Remove a Jeep Wrangler Oil Pan

by Jody L. Campbell

Mechanical skills are required to remove the oil pan from your Jeep Wrangler. The first thing you'll notice is how large it is. On the 6-cylinder, you're most likely also going to remove the front exhaust pipe so you can remove the oil pan. This will require tools and time in order to perform safely and efficiently.

Step 1

Park the Jeep Wrangler on a flat paved surface. Lift the front of the vehicle up using car ramps. Apply the parking brake. Place a wheel chock behind one rear tire.

Step 2

Open the hood to allow some light down into the engine compartment so that you can see while under the Wrangler.

Step 3

Crawl under the Wrangler on creeper with safety glasses on and all your tools. Determine whether you're going to need to remove the front exhaust pipe. Chances are you will need to unless you've replaced it with a header. If there is an oxygen sensor threaded into the top of the exhaust pipe, unplug the connection. Use the screwdriver to press in on the clip lock and unplug it.

Step 4

Set up the ratchet, long extension and the proper socket to remove the nuts on the front pipe manifold studs.

Step 5

Light the torch to heat up the nuts. Extract them with the ratchet, extension and socket.

Step 6

Remove the rear flange nuts and bolts of the front exhaust pipe where it connects to the catalytic converter. Put on the safety gloves and remove the pipe.

Step 7

Remove the drain plug from the oil pan after placing the drain bucket beneath it. Allow the oil time to drain thoroughly. Replace the oil pan plug and tighten it when the oil is done draining. Remove the drain bucket.

Step 8

Unscrew the oil pan bolts using the ratchet, the medium extension and a socket. Pay close attention to all of these bolts because there are different sizes. The same ones will need to be replaced in the same bolt holes when it comes time to replace the oil pan.

Step 9

Pry the oil pan from the bottom of the engine. This may be difficult to do lying on your back. The pan is going to feel stuck. Be careful because there is going to be more oil in the pan. It will be enough to make a mess on you and the ground if you're not careful.

Step 10

Place the oil pan on the ground directly below the bottom of the engine and allow the rest of the oil to drain from the block and oil pump into the pan. To replace the oil pan, you'll need to clean the old gasket off of the pan and the bottom of the engine and replace the gasket with a new one and reverse this procedure.

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