How to Remove the Inner Fairing of an FLHX

by Mike Davey

The Street Glide FLHX is a motorcycle first produced by Harley-Davidson in 2005. The FLHX uses Harley's TC88 engine. One of the more notable of the FLHX features is the fork mounted "bat wing" fairing. The bat wing fairing first appeared on other Harley-Davidson motorcycles, starting in 1969. It was designed by Harley-Davidson's Chief Styling Officer, Willie G. Davidson.

Locate the motorcycle's fuse box. Remove the MAXI fuse. This is the largest fuse so it is easy to spot. Loosen the bolts located just below the windshield at the top of the front fairing. Do not remove the bolts completely. Remove the bolts on the inner fairing. Remove the previously loosened bolts. Take care not to let the outer fairing fall when the bolts are removed. Disconnect the headlight. Remove the outer fairing and set it aside.

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the unlock/off position. Turn the front forks of the motorcycle until they hit the left fork stop. Turn the ignition knob to fork lock. Press and hold the release button located on the bottom left of the ignition knob. Push the key down. Turn the key counterclockwise until you feel the ignition knob release. Remove the ignition knob by lifting up. Remove the spring, nut, collar and spacer from beneath the ignition knob. Remove the switch position plate. Remove the fairing cap.

Insert a screwdriver into the space where the ignition knob was. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise until it makes a clicking sound. This should fully lock the forks. If it becomes necessary to unlock the forks, reinsert the screwdriver and turn in a clockwise direction.

Disconnect both turn signals. The connections are located just under the speakers. Label the wires left and right. Unbolt and remove the turn signals. Unbolt both bolts holding the chrome skirt to the inner fairing. Remove the chrome skirt.

Remove the rubber boot from the clutch cable adjuster. Loosen the locknut and push it away from the cable adjuster. Remove the retaining ring from the pivot pin groove, located at the bottom of the bracket for the clutch lever. Remove the pivot pin. Unscrew the handlebar clamp from the clutch lever bracket. Remove the clutch lever. Take out the anchor pin from the clutch lever. Unhook the clutch cable eyelet from the clutch lever. Push the clutch cable through the inner fairing to the front of the bike.

Label all wires leading to gauges. Disconnect the wires from the gauges one at a time. Unscrew and remove each gauge after disconnecting the appropriate wire. Remove the cigarette lighter from its socket. Hold the cigarette lighter socket to keep it from spinning. Unscrew the cigarette lighter's outer shell and remove the socket from the fairing. Disconnect the speakers. Remove the three bolts holding each speaker on. Remove the speakers.

Remove the rubber boot from the odometer reset button. Pull the odometer reset button out. Unscrew the inner fairing from the fairing bracket. Spread apart the inner fairing and fairing bracket to free them from the threaded rods that attach them to the lower fork bracket. Pull the inner fairing toward the rear of the motorcycle. Pull the fairing bracket towards the front of the bike at the same time. This will cause them to separate, freeing the inner fairing.

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