How to Remove the Hub on a Polaris Sportsman 500

by Michael Dickson

The front drive system on the Polaris Sportsman 500 permits the vehicle to be driven by the rear wheels as long as the front wheels rotate faster than the front drive axles. If the rotational speed of the front wheels slows to less than the speed of the rear drive axles, the front wheel hubs engage. Each front hub on the Polaris has an electrical engagement control and is referred to as a Hillard clutch.

Place the Polaris Sportsman 500 ATV on a level surface. Loosen the four lug nuts on the front two tires using a socket wrench. Do not completely remove the lug nuts.

Raise and secure the vehicle using jack stands so the wheels are off the ground. Remove the four lugs nuts and pull off the tires. Place a drain pan under the front hub to catch the brake fluid.

Remove both bolts securing the brake caliper to the disc brake using a socket wrench. You have the option of servicing the caliper at this point by removing all connecting lines and hoses.

Remove the three Torx bolts securing the hub cap using a socket wrench or Polaris T-25 wrench. Carefully remove the hub cap by pulling straight out from the hub. Remove the cotter pin from the axle nut. Discard the cotter pin and replace with a new pin during re-installation.

Remove the axle nut and washer using a socket wrench. Pull hub and brake rotor off the axle.

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