How to Remove Headlight Glaze

by Chris Gilliland

Hazy headlights are not only unattractive, they can prevent your headlights from illuminating the road properly, leaving you, quite literally, in the dark. In most cases, the cloudy appearance of your headlights is caused by oxidization and road grime build-up. Several deoxidization solutions are available at auto parts retailers to simplify the cleaning process to remove the oxidization build-up quickly and easily. Applying these solutions is simple enough for anyone to do and requires very little time and elbow grease.

Deoxidizing Headlights

Clean the entire lens with soap and water then wipe dry.

Place a small amount of deoxidizer liquid onto a clean, dry cloth and apply to the lens using smooth, broad motions.

Wipe away any excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth and repeat if necessary.


  • close Just as waxing your car will only protect it for a short period of time, deoxidizer liquids are not permanent fixes for headlight deoxidization. You will need to reapply this solution later as oxidization build-up occurs. Sanding and buffing your headlights can be effective as well, but requires more time and skill to accomplish. Improperly using a sanding-type kit can result in costly damages to the headlight's surfaces, so proceed with caution.

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