How to Remove the Front Bumper of an Audi S4

by Carl Pruit

The front bumper of the Audi S4 is designed to be removable so you can customize your vehicle and add different bumpers and features. Front bumpers for the Audi S4 come in a variety of styles to match your personality and design ideas. Removing the bumper can be done in an hour or two, allowing you to do it yourself and saving the time and expense of having a custom shop do the work.

Step 1

Place a wood block behind a rear wheel of the Audi S4 and raise the front end of the vehicle with a floor jack.

Step 2

Position jack stands under the front axle to support the vehicle and lower the car until the axle comes to rest on the jack stands.

Step 3

Remove the floor jack and use a lug wrench to undo the lugs on the front wheels.

Step 4

Take the front tires off the vehicle and set the tires and lug nuts in a safe place.

Step 5

Unfasten the screws that hold the underbelly tray in place with a screwdriver and remove the tray from under the car.

Step 6

Undo the screws that hold the wheel well liners in place with a screwdriver on both sides and remove the liners.

Step 7

Detach the fog light grill. Pull it straight out by hand until you see the metal clips and push down on the clips with a screwdriver until the grill is completely loose.

Step 8

Locate the long bumper retaining bolt on the bottom of the bumper, inside of the spot where the fog light grill sat.

Step 9

Remove the bumper retaining bolt with a socket wrench and detach the weather stripping on the front of the car by hand, setting it aside.

Step 10

Pull down on the front of the bumper by hand while pushing up on the back end and sliding the bumper forward to dislodge it from the frame.

Step 11

Unfasten the clips on both sides that hold the bumper in place with a screwdriver. Slide the bumper forward until it is completely free of the vehicle frame.

Step 12

Place a plastic bucket under the bumper and detach the washer fluid hose from the bumper, allowing the fluid to drain into the bucket.

Step 13

Unhook the electrical connectors from the fog lights on the bumper and remove the bumper from the Audi S4.

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