How to Remove a Ford Windstar Alternator

by Allen Moore

The Ford Windstar relies on an alternator to provide electrical energy to the minivan when the engine is running. If the Windstar's alternator malfunctions, it can either overcharge the system, potentially causing catastrophic damage to other components, or not charge at all, which means the Windstar will run on battery power until the battery drains completely. Since most car batteries can't last more than a few hours, replacing a bad alternator is something you shouldn't put off. Anyone with basic auto-repair skill should be able to remove the Ford Windstar alternator without much difficulty.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery using a battery wrench.

Open the Windstar's hood. Move the belt tensioner off the serpentine belt with the serpentine tool. Slide the serpentine belt off the alternator pulley and then slowly allow the tensioner to move back into position.

Unplug the alternator wiring harness manually. Unbolt the ground wiring from the back of the alternator with a socket set.

Remove the alternator's mounting bolts with your socket set. Lift the old alternator out of the alternator bracket by hand.


  • check Compare the old and new alternators to make sure they're identical before installing the new one. Compare the pulley size, voltage regulator shape and location, bolt pattern and rear face orientation. If all are not identical, take both alternators to your place of purchase to match the old one with a proper replacement.
  • check Don't forget to return the old alternator and packaging to your place of purchase for a core charge refund.

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