How to Remove a Ford Fan Clutch

by Don Bowman

Ford clutch fans have evolved from the fan that attaches to the water pump pulley with four bolts to a fan that attaches to the water pump with a singular large nut. This large nut is directly attached to the fan clutch mechanism. The water pump pulley has about 1-inch long threaded post on the end of the pulley. The nut is screwed onto the post on the water pump pulley. This requires a large wrench and a tool to lock the pulley from moving as the nut is broken loose.

Step 1

Remove the fan shroud. If it is a split design where there is a top and bottom half held together on each side by a screw, remove the top screws and the two side screws with a socket and ratchet. Remove the top half of the fan shroud. If it is a solid one piece shroud, remove the top and bottom screws and leave it loose. IThe shroud will come out with the fan.

Step 2

Remove the top radiator hose by using a screwdriver to loosen the clamps.

Step 3

Hook the ends of the water pump pulley lock on the bolts on the outside of the water pump pulley.

Step 4

Remove the large nut on the fan with the 1-1/16 wrench by turning counter clockwise. Once loose, turn the fan in the same direction and it will come right off. Lift the fan and the shroud out of the vehicle at same time.

Step 5

Replace the fan by holding the nut perfectly level with the water pump post and start the nut by hand, making sure not to strip the threads. Once started, spin it on the rest of the way by hand, turning the fan clockwise. Once it will not turn any farther, use the large wrench and give it an assertive yank to lock it on.

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