How to Remove an FLHT Fairing

by Don Davis

FLH is a venerable Harley code for a heavy duty motorcycle with big forks and a big twin engine. Subsequent letters in the code often describe marketing more than engineering. You can pull the batwing outer fairing off all Electra Glides, or FLHs, after you remove seven screws and disconnect the headlight. Removing the outer fairing allows you to access much of the front wiring harness.

Pad the front fender with shop rags to protect the paint. Locate and remove the three screws on the front of the bike just below the windshield with a Torx wrench.

Loosen and remove the screw on each side of the fairing just outside the speakers with a Torx wrench.

Remove the left fairing cap screw with a Torx wrench after fully turning the handlebars to the right. Turn the handlebars fully to the left and remove the right fairing cap screw.

Push the top of the fairing toward the front fender and pinch the headlight wiring connector to disconnect the headlight assembly from the front wiring harness.

Remove the outer fairing and the headlight from the motorcycle. Remove the windshield.


  • close Do not allow the windshield to slip off the motorcycle when you remove the front fairing.

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