How to Remove a Dodge Truck Bed

by Chris Stevenson
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Dodge truck beds serve a variety of service and utility tasks. For moving furniture or appliances, or hauling large loads of lumber or sod, truck beds cannot be beat for their versatility and convenience. No doubt entire households have been moved in standard truck beds, along with motorcycles, lawn service equipment and all-terrain vehicles. Truck beds can take a beating without suffering too much internal or external damage. Sometimes the bed has to come off the truck, as with instances that involve changing out an electric fuel pump, replacing the bed due to extreme damage or replacing the mounting pads under the bed.

Step 1

Raise the hood. Disconnect the negative battery cable at its post with an end wrench. Use the floor jack to lift the rear end of the truck up high enough to place two jack stands under the frame near each wheel. As an option to keep the bed level, you can lift the front of the truck and place two more jack stands under the frame near each wheel. Spread a tarp on the floor under the vehicle to catch any rocks or dried mud that will drop during removal.

Step 2

Move to the fuel door located on the truck panel. Ignore this step for older, cab-mounted fuel tanks. Open the fuel door and remove the fuel cap. If the cap has a security line attached to it, remove the line from the fuel door frame with a Phillips screwdriver. You will see three screws that hold the tank filler neck to the truck bed frame. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws and lift out the filler neck frame, maneuvering it over the top lip of the fuel inlet line. Place the tank filler neck and screws to the side.

Step 3

Slide under one side of the rear part of the truck, underneath the taillight lens. Look for the wire jack that runs down from the taillight assembly to the truck frame. Disconnect the wire jack connection (both taillights) by pushing the pressure clip and unsnapping it. If the wires run down without a connection jack, take the screws out of the taillight lens with a Phillips screwdriver, pull out the lens and disconnect the wire jack at the back of the lens housing. Tuck the wire back down through the frame so it does not snag when lifting the bed.

Step 4

Move underneath the vehicle and locate the large truck bed mounting bolts. There will be six for the mid-size and smaller model beds, and eight bolts for the full-size Doge truck versions. Spray them all with penetrating oil and let soak. Fit the appropriate socket to the end of a long extension, and then clip it to your ratchet. Place the socket over the mounting bolt and turn hard counterclockwise. Remove the bolt. Loosen and remove each of the bolts on both sides of the frame and set them aside.

Step 5

Shift the truck bed by hand to see if it will move or slide. If not, use a pry bar to break the bed loose from the frame seam. Once it loosens, use the floor jack to lift the truck and remove all of the jack stands, letting the wheels sit on the ground. Have two assistants help you lift the bed straight up, clearing the fuel tank inlet line, then place the bed on the ground. Be certain that you have all the small, square fiber pads that fit between the bed and the frame, in case you want to reuse them.

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