How to Remove Dodge Push Pins

by Eric Grosso

Dodge push pins are used in Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles to hold many body accessory panels in place. The pins are plastic rivets, applied with a special rivet gun owned by dealer body shops. Because the pins are only used by vehicle dealers, they can be expensive to replace. However, you can remove the pins yourself with a few simple tools, saving a trip to a dealer authorized parts department.

Place wire cutters under the top head of the pin. The top head lies on a larger piece that acts as a plastic washer against the body or trim.

Squeeze the wire cutters to move the blades against the sides of the pin head. Do not cut the pin. Simply squeeze the cutters so the blades are touching the sides of the plastic piece directly under the top of the pin head.

Lift the wire cutters to lift the pin head away from the bottom piece acting as a plastic washer. If you lift the pin entirely from the rest of the pin, save it for installation.

Place a small standard screwdriver under the remaining portion of the pin. Pry it away from the body or trim. With the top of the pin already lifted, the rest of the pin can be pulled from the body or trim without damage.

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