How to Remove Detroit Diesel Injectors

by Jeff Woodward
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Detroit Diesel is one of the three major engine manufacturing companies in the United States alongside Cummins and Caterpillar. Detroit engines are used in a variety of sectors, including on-highway, industrial and marine applications. Detroit engines use fuel injectors as part of the fuel system. As fuel is drawn from the fuel tanks by the fuel pump, it is sent to the fuel injectors. The injectors spray diesel fuel into the cylinders during the intake stroke of the engine.

Removal of Fuel Injectors

Step 1

Disconnect the battery supply to prevent damage to the electronic control module during injector removal.

Step 2

Loosen and remove the eight bolts that are holding the rocker cover to the rocker base. Remove the rocker cover. Loosen and remove the 10 bolts that attach the rocker base to the cylinder head. Remove the rocker base.

Step 3

Disconnect the injector wiring harness terminals from each injector using a small ratchet wrench. There are two terminals per injector. After the terminals are removed, set the harness to the side of the engine to prevent damage to the terminals.

Step 4

Remove the first injector hold-down bolt using a 10 mm socket. Once the bolt is removed, pull up on the injector hold-down clamp. Remove the clamp and set it to the side. Repeat this step for the remaining five injectors.

Pull the the first injector out of the cylinder head. Set the injector carefully inside of a bucket, being sure not to damage the injector tip. Repeat this step for the remaining five injectors.

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