How to Remove the Dash in a YJ

by William Boyce
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Jeep produced the Wrangler YJ between 1987 and 1995. An up-sizing of its CJ predecessor, the YJ had bigger leaf springs and windshield, along with improved handling and comfort. The YJ retained solid front and rear axles for their excellent off-roading capability and ground clearance. There were also three engine choices -- all are fuel injected. The interior of the YJ is also a step up from the CJ model, featuring a more complex plastic dashboard with central instrument cluster.

Step 1

Loosen and remove the negative battery cable from the battery using a box or socket wrench.

Step 2

Loosen and remove the dashboard retaining screws with a screwdriver. There are two screws located under the steering wheel column, three underneath the central instrument cluster, and eight along the top of the dash below the windshield.

Step 3

Remove each dash component from the vehicle, pulling from the top of the piece first. You will have to pull sharply on each component to release it from its retaining clips. The dash include a panel to the left of the steering wheel, one on top of the steering wheel, the center instrument cluster, and glove box assembly.

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