How to Remove the Dash From a Honda Odyssey

by Susan Revermann
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You may want to remove the dash from your Honda Odyssey for a number of reasons. There may be wires or dash lights that need to be replaced, or some other mechanical issue that you want to fix. Whatever the case, the dash removal procedure may take you approximately three hours. If you have an assistant, this process may go a bit faster and smoother.

Step 1

Shut off the engine and disconnect the battery cables by lifting them off the battery terminals. Open the doors of your Honda Odyssey. Locate the small bolt access covers at the end of the dash on both ends. Remove these with a socket wrench.

Step 2

Insert the end of a flathead screwdriver under one of the edges of the top center vent cover and gently pry the vent cover loose. Put the cover to the side and remove the bolt that is located in this vent.

Step 3

Open the glove box and locate the bolts that are on lower corner on each side. Remove these bolts so you can remove the glove box.

Step 4

Go to the long metal bar brace and find the three screws and one bolt that hold it in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver and socket wrench to remove these.

Step 5

Move to the ashtray/lighter area of the dash. Remove the four screws that are holding this lower console area in place. Disconnect the wiring that is behind this console piece by pulling the two halves of the wiring harness apart.

Step 6

Remove the bolt that is on the bottom of the steel frame in that area as well.

Step 7

Look under the dash on each end near the doors for the bolts that are holding it in place. Remove these bolts.

Step 8

Loop your finger into the fuse box cover that is located under the steering wheel and pull it off. Proceed to take off the plastic trim that is under the steering wheel by removing the three screws that are attached there.

Step 9

Remove the three screws that hold the steering wheel cover. Separate the two pieces of this cover, pull them off and put them to the side.

Step 10

Find the bolts that are on the metal plate around the fuse box that was uncovered in Step 8. Remove the two bolts holding this metal plate and put the bolts and metal plate to the side.

Step 11

Move to the radio, find the two screws that are tucked back into the radio hole and remove these. Remove the single screw that is holding the heater control in place. Reach into the radio hole to find the wiring connector in there and disconnect this gray wire connector.

Step 12

Find the hot/cold cable connector under the passenger side dash. Unclip this cable, lower the connector end and push the heater control assembly out until you see the wiring on the back of it. Disconnect these two wiring harnesses.

Step 13

Move to the fuse box under the steering wheel. Disconnect the large green, blue and two gray connectors that are located on the upper left corner of the fuse box. Also disconnect the wiring for the mirror control and dimmer.

Step 14

Find the rear loop holding the steering wheel in place with two bolts on the lower section and loosen the bolts without removing them. Remove the two bolts on the front part. Push the steering wheel down as far as you can at this point.

Step 15

Reach near the windshield, grab the dash and lift as far as you can. Find the bracket on the driver's side that has two relays attached and remove the bolts that hold it in place.

Step 16

Work the dash out from the driver's side to the passenger side.

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