How to Remove the Dash From a 1996 Ford Ranger

by Daniel Valladares

Removing the dashboard from your 1996 Ford Ranger is fairly simple. Thee are three main pieces of the dashboard: the center console piece, the piece that surrounds the instrument cluster, and the piece around the glove compartment. Removing the dashboard consists of uninstalling many screws and bolts and then pulling off the dashboard panels. Removing the entire dashboard of your Ford Ranger will take about an hour, but it will save you a lot of money if you choose to do it yourself instead of taking it to a mechanic.

Step 1

Turn the Ranger's engine off and open the hood. Use a socket wrench to remove the ground-terminal of the Ranger's battery.

Step 2

Remove the four Torx screws along the upper dash panel above the instrument cluster with a Torx screwdriver.

Step 3

Pop out the two plastic dash panels on each side of the steering wheel with a slotted screwdriver. Remove the two screws revealed by removing the panels with a Torx screwdriver.

Step 4

Lower the steering wheel as low as it can go. Remove the single bolt to the left of the steering wheel. Remove the driver's-side kick panel by removing the two Torx screws holding it in place.

Step 5

Remove the black plastic trim on the right side of the vehicle to reveal more Torx screws. Remove the four screws.

Step 6

Open the glove compartment and empty it. Push in the two tabs on the side and pull the glove compartment off the dash to reveal two screws. Remove the two screws.

Step 7

Remove the eight Torx screws along the edge of the dashboard near the windshield.

Remove the two retaining bolts on each side of the dashboard. Slightly pull out the dashboard. At this point, disconnect any electrical connections that have been revealed by pulling on the dashboard. Once all the connections have been pulled out, pull the dashboard out of the Ford Ranger.

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