How to Remove a PT Cruiser Passenger Air Bag

by Chris Moore

The passenger-side air bag on the PT Cruiser is mounted on the right side of the PT Cruiser's dashboard. There can be a number of reasons why you may need to remove it--it may need to be replaced, or you may need to remove it as part of removing the entire instrument panel. In any case, you need to use extreme caution when removing the air bag from the dashboard, as anything causing the air bag to accidentally deploy can cause serious injury.

Turn the steering wheel so the front wheels are pointed straight ahead to make sure the driver's air bag won't accidentally deploy at some point, and then turn the key to the Lock position.

Disconnect the PT's negative battery cable and set the cable aside so it can't accidentally come into contact with the battery terminal. Wait two minutes for the air bag's backup power to drain.

Open the glove box and squeeze the sides toward each other. Lower the box downward until you can rotate the hooks at the base out of the dashboard and remove the glove box.

Unplug the air bag's electrical connector.

Remove the air bag mounting fasteners with a wrench--these fasteners are located on the underside of the dashboard in the hole where the glove box was. Remove the air bag module from the dash, keeping the module's top opening turned away from your body.


  • close Do not dispose of an air bag module yourself; take it to a repair shop or dealer service department.
  • close Don't measure the air bag's resistance with an ohmmeter. The meter's battery supply can trigger the air bag.

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