How to Remove a Chrysler Power-Steering Pump

by John Stevens J.D.

Chrysler’s power-steering system is hydraulic, meaning that it requires pressurized fluid to function properly. The power-steering pump provides the steering components with the fluid and also acts as a reservoir to store fluid not currently used by the steering assembly. Within the pump are several seals. These seals eventually wear out, resulting in leaks and erratic steering response. Chrysler power-steering pumps can be repaired but replacement is usually more economical. With either alternative, the existing pump must first be removed.


Unscrew and remove the fluid cap from the top of the power-steering pump.


Insert the hose from a fluid pump, commonly available at most hardware and automotive supply stores, into the pump through the opening revealed under the fluid cap. Activate the pump to remove the majority of the fluid from within the pump.


Place a small drip pan underneath the back of the pump to capture any fluid from within the pump once the pump’s hoses are removed.


Remove the two hoses from the back of the pump. Older Chryslers use a band clamp to secure the lower hose to the pump and an integral nut to secure the upper hose. Unscrew the integral nut on the upper hose. Pull the hose away from the pump and allow any fluid from the hose and the pump to drain into the drip pan. Slacken the hose clamp on the lower hose with a standard screwdriver. Pull the hose off of the pump and allow it to drain. Modern Chrysler pumps feature an integral nut on the end of both lines. Loosen both nuts with a wrench and pull the lines away from the pump. Allow any fluid from within the pump and the lines to drain into the drip pan.


Wrap the exposed end of both power-steering hoses with a plastic bag to catch any remaining fluid that may drip from the hoses.


Loosen the bolts that secure the pump to the side of the engine with a wrench. Push the pump towards the engine to slacken the pump’s belt. The number of bolts varies depending on the year of the vehicle but there are typically three bolts. Lift the loosened belt off of the pulley at the front of the pump.


Remove the pump’s retaining bolts and lift the pump out of the engine compartment.

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