How to Remove a Charcoal Canister in a Grand Cherokee

by Chris Moore

The charcoal canister -- technically called the EVAP canister -- is part of the vehicle's evaporative emission control system. It works with the natural vacuum leak detection (NVLD) pump to store gas vapors and keep them out of the atmosphere. This canister should last as long as the vehicle, but you may need to remove it to work on other components like the fuel tank. On the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it is mounted to the vehicle with multiple brackets and connected through hoses. This procedure may vary depending on the vehicle's exact year.

Step 1

Raise the vehicle's rear end using a floor jack and support it on jack stands. The charcoal canister is directly in front of the fuel tank, which is on the side of the vehicle with the filler door, and the hoses/wiring are connected on the canister's left side.

Step 2

Squeeze the inner edges on the release tabs to the EVAP hose's light-colored connector to release their locking teeth from the canister pipe's raised ridge. Pull the connector off the pipe to disconnect the hose.

Step 3

Push the sliding lock on the NVLD pump's electrical connector away from the pump and toward the wiring harness to move it to the release position. Press the release tab near the lock and pull the connector off to disconnect the electrical connector.

Step 4

Disconnect the filter hose from the NVLD pump, which is on the opposite side of the electrical connector.

Step 5

Press the locking tabs at the canister's right-side mounting brackets with a screwdriver to disengage the canister from the brackets.

Step 6

Swing the canister's right end out and away from the vehicle and disengage the mounting slot from the tab at the left mounting bracket to remove the canister.

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