How to Remove the Center Console on a BMW 740i

by Harvey Birdman

The BMW 740 is large luxury sedan that delivers limousine comfort in a sporty chassis. The 7 series is so good that it actually serves as the base for many Rolls Royce cars, which BMW also makes. However, it has a lot of electrical gadgets that can go bad, necessitating the removal of the center console to gain access to certain components. Alternatively, you can replace a faded or damaged center console with a replacement to refresh the look of the interior.

Step 1

Drive the BMW 740 into your garage or driveway because if you perform this removal procedure on the side of the road it will look like you are stealing the stereo. Place the 740 in "Park" and pull the emergency brake to make sure it does not shift while you are working on it. Make sure the car is off before you continue.

Step 2

Pull the two plastic cup holders out from the center arm rest by hand. Unscrew the Philips head screws at the bottom of the cup holder holes. Go to the back seat of the 740 and pull the ash tray out from the rear of the front center arm rest. Unscrew the two Philips head screws that are underneath. Pull the center arm rest up and then back and place it to the side so that it does not get bent. Pull the emergency brake jacket off and the center plastic bezel from around the shifter.

Step 3

Pry the bottom of the center console bezel up with a flat screwdriver. Be very gentle, as you can easily crack the plastic. Work the screwdriver in the seam between the center console bezel and the rest of the dash. Pull the center console bezel straight back and then up once all the pegs are disengaged. Place the center console somewhere safe, as it too is prone to cracking.

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