How to Remove a Car's Engine

by Editorial Team

There may be several reasons for having to remove a car's engine. The engine may be using oil, a rod may be knocking, the engine may have too many miles on it and may need to have the cylinders bored for new pistons and the engine may need to be overhauled. The old engine may be locked up and the car needs a new engine. Here are the steps to take the old engine out of the car.

Step 1

Park the car where you can get the engine hoist positioned. Use a wrench to take the bolts out of the hinges on the inside of the hood and take the hood off. The hood is heavy so get a friend to help. Take the negative cable off the battery.

Step 2

Drain the radiator fluid into a five gallon bucket and remove the hoses. Cut the hoses if they won't come off, because it's easier to replace the hose than the metal connectors. Take off the fan, take the tension pulley, or alternator loose and take out the radiator. Loosen the fuel lines and the intake air supply.

Step 3

Use a wrench to loosen the power steering pump. Pull the air condition compressor and the power steering pump out of the way and leave all the hoses connected. Take the electric wires loose from the motor, leaving the spark plug wires attached until later. Loosen the exhaust manifold and use a wrench to take the bolts off where the motor is connected to the transmission.

Step 4

Raise the car with a floor jack and put jack stands under the car to keep it from falling on you. Slide underneath the car and take the starter and exhaust pipe connectors off. Remove the transmission connections at the cross member.

Step 5

Take the bolts out of the transmission connections at the motor with a wrench. Use a wrench to remove the bolts from the motor mount connection. Slide out from underneath the car and remove the jack stands and let the car down.

Step 6

Bolt a heavy chain to both sides of the motor and bring the engine hoist around. Pull the motor out of the car slowly, making sure the front of the motor is higher than the back. Make sure not to hit the car as you bring the engine away from the car.

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