How to Remove the Air Bag on a Ford Taurus

by Lee Sallings

In the event of a front-end collision, the air bag or air bags in your Ford Taurus will be activated. (Air bags are not activated by rear-end collisions.) Upon activation of the collision sensors, current stored in capacitors in the system ignite a fast-burning accelerant in the air bag. The rapidly expanding gasses caused by the burning accelerant, which is similar to solid rocket fuel, expand the bag in the system in a matter of milliseconds to cushion the impact and prevent contact between the occupants and the steering column or dash.


Disconnect the battery and wait 15 minutes with the key in the "Run" position, which will allow the capacitors in the system to discharge. This will prevent unwanted activation of the air bag, as well as prevent possible severe injury. After all, there is a considerable amount of energy stored in the air bag. Remove the negative (-) cable first to prevent arcing, which could cause a battery explosion.


Locate and remove the retaining bolts that attach the air bag to the steering wheel or dash. Find specific information on this in you service manual. If you need a service manual for you specific vehicle, they are available at auto parts stores or online (see Resource).


Disconnect the wiring harness connector by removing the locking tab and depressing the release tab, then pulling the connector apart. Stay clear of the air bag while doing this, in case the air bag deploys accidentally. Remove the air bag from the vehicle, and place it face-down on a sturdy workbench or on the ground.

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