How to Remove an AC Quick Connector

by Don Bowman

If an AC quick connector is encountered, it is usually located on the high-side line to and the low-side line from the evaporator. These quick connector style couplings use a spring lock on the female side of the connector and two O-rings on the male side that are made to create the seal. A special L-shaped tool is used to push in the female spring lock side lifting the spring and allowing separation.


Connect the air conditioning reclaimer to the Schraeder valves on the high- and low-side lines. The low-side valve has a blue cap and is the largest AC line. The red capped valve on the high-side line is the smallest in diameter.


Turn the machine on and reclaim all the Freon from the system. When the Freon has been removed, turn the machine off and disconnect the connectors from the Schraeder valves.


Remove the safety locks from the two quick connectors on the AC lines at the firewall by pulling the safety locks straight up.


Insert the appropriate sized quick disconnect tool onto the high-side line and push it in toward the female spring lock connector so that the tool slides under the spring lock. Once the tool is firmly seated under the spring, keep the pressure on the tool and with the other hand pull the female end off.


Remove the low-side line in the same manner but with the larger tool made for the low-side line.

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