How to Remove a GM 3.1 V6 Timing Chain

by Daniel Valladares
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Removing the timing chain from your GM 3.1 V6 engine is fairly simple. The timing chain is hidden behind the timing cover and you must remove several components such as the water pump in order to access the timing chain, but once those are removed, the timing chain can easily be pulled off of the GM engine. You should expect to spend well over an hour removing the timing chain from the GM engine.

Step 1

Open the GM vehicle's hood and, with a socket-wrench, remove the negative terminal from the battery.

Step 2

Place a drain pan underneath the radiator plug under the vehicle and an oil pan underneath the engine oil plug. Loosen both plugs with a socket wrench and allow all of the vehicle's liquids to flow out into the pans. Once they have all poured out, re-tighten the plugs.

Step 3

Loosen the alternator with a socket wrench and remove the fan, fan clutch and pulley from the engine.

Step 4

Disconnect the hoses from the water pump inlet and remove the water pump bolts with a socket wrench. Pull the water pump out of the engine.

Step 5

Remove the bolts securing the timing chain cover and pull the cover out of the engine.

Step 6

Take out the bolts holding the camshaft gear to the camshaft. Remove the camshaft. As you pull the camshaft out of the engine, the timing chain will come with it.

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